Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blogspot Sucks! I'm off to Wordpress

Hey everyone. Due to constant failures i'm forced to move to Wordpress here's my new link El Militant

Friday, April 16, 2010

Regina Spektor - Far

Asalam aleykum, my brothers and sisters.

Sorry I blog so irregularly. Life's been upside down for awhile. But I recently came across this album, and I really love it. It has this awesome sound combination that will just turn any gloomy day into a sunny Sunday afternoon...

You can download it for free on Regina Spektor - Far. You know how I don't believe in buying music...

Anyway enjoy, I hope it brings you atleast half the joy it has brought me...

Militant out.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Esther Arunga & The Finger Of God

Asalam aleykum, my brothers and sisters.

I was on vacation, but had to come back for this one. Esther Arunga. I've been a big fan of hers since she begun, and to see her be portrayed on telly as some religious nut-case, well, I can't stand for that. It goes against everything I believe in. So I've been doing my own investigation.

The Finger of God is an effect in observational cosmology that causes clusters of galaxies to be elongated in redshift space, with an axis of elongation pointed toward the observer. I guess that's why they chose that phrase to name their church.

The allegations that they are cultic are totally false. Yes they do not conform to the normal Christian teaching, but here's a bombshell, why do you think there are so many different denominations of Christianity? It definitely isn't because they have similar teachings.

Honestly, when I first came across this story, I was in shock and awe. It was too perfect. Things were aligning themselves abit too perfectly, just like 9/11. It seemed to me at the time, that someone, or some people had decided to shut her up. Question was, why? She's just an ordinary person. Then I watched her interview on You Tube Esther Arunga on Capital Talk and it started making sense.

Automatically my mind drifted to an article I read years ago on the Daily Nation, about Devil Worship and Cultic behavior in Kenya. Former President Daniel Arap Moi put together a task force to investigate allegations of devil worship nationwide. Of course the task force made its recommendations, and was forgotten...

Don't you find it a little convenient that Esther is being buried for having evidence about certain individuals that are in positions of power in the government... And isn't it convenient that Raila & Kibaki's squabbles about Ruto and Ongeri have suddenly disappeared from the minds of Kenyans...

That's my two sense. From now on, this blog isn't about forming an opinion for you, I will get the facts, you decide what you want to believe...

Read the results of the commission here Presidential Commission of Inquiry into the Cult of Devil Worship in Kenya

Here are a couple more sites on devil worship in Kenya. It's amazing that they're actually many... Kenya's Devils
The UNHCR had this to say UNHCR Report And the BBCBBC Report And the site that lead me to all this discovery Freemasonry Watch

Militant out.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Heshimu Punda

Asalam aleykum, my brothers and sisters.

Happy New Year! Yeah i know, i've been away for a minute. But as i have been taught, a wise person listens more than he/she talks. So i've been listening, and now i think i can speak.

Honestly, people are very ungrateful. One thing people forget is, the same people you meet on your way up, you will meet them on your way down. So never think you better than the next person, or consider the person to be of lesser value than you...

I know, because i am at time guilty of the same. Sometime pride blinds me, and i am man enough to admit to my faults.

I recently concluded another relationship... Damn! I'm seeing a trend here. I'm better off being single. Coz seriously, we ain't married, so check yourself. What's with girls today? They just don't know how to play their position, that's why you have guys walking around like zombies, fucking up.

Coz honestly, if for example: My girl takes care of me, i provide for her and shit. I do not foresee any problems. But if the dude never takes care of his girl or the girl take care of her jamaa, then drama galore! I've seen people cheat for lesser reasons, as low as she's in a red dress... LOL!

But on the real, people in relationships need to know how to take care of each other. If everyone's satisfied, then ain't nothing but roses. The alternative is a stressful as a complicated child birth...

Heshimu punda. Feed the relationship, don't let it starve because you think you're the shit...

Militant out.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Phoenix

"The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom shall I fear. The Lord is my strength and my light, whom shall I be afraid", Rick Ross - Mafia Music Part 2.

Asalam aleykum, my brothers and sisters.

Ooooh what a feeling it is, to be writing again. My passion. Seriously, i love writing!!! I feel like i've been trapped in a void, then suddenly i got released.

Though getting to the point where i am right now, has not been a walk in the park. I've fought certain depression, from burning to the ground... I've been to hell, and now i'm back!!!

One side of the coin says, "You never know what you have until you loose it", the other side says, "When you come back to the top, vengeance shall be swift...".

I only have one statement, for anyone who is where i was... Don't be afraid of the inevitable. Don't be afraid to hit rock bottom. It's good for you. Because once you're there, it can't get any worse, so you can only get better...

And always remember, the Lord never gives you more than you can handle...

Militant out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Militant Evolves

Asalam aleykum, my brothers and sisters.

Well, it comes a time when one must move on to another place in their life. So i'm moving to wordpress. My new link is El Militant

I had to move, because Blogger doesn't give much in add-ins and i want to 'soup-up' my blog... So yeah. Catch you on the other side...

Oooh yeah, and thank you for being such a loyal reader... :))

Militant out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

'Death Squads'

Asalam aleykum, my brothers and sisters.

So yesterday during a session in the 10th Parliament, of Kenya, MP Gitobu Imanyara dropped a bombshell. He alleged, with evidence, that the first family had hired a 'Death Squad' to kill him, amongst other prominent members of parliament, such as former Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Martha Karua.

He unleashed a letter, that circulated parliament, directly implicating the first family in an assassination attempt. Apparently, the only thing that saved him, probably was because, and this is all unsubstantiated so don't quote me, Major General Hussein Ali, out beloved Police Commissioner, refused to, in the words of Kiraitu Murungi, 'tow the line'.

Now, i wouldn't put it past the first family. Here's a little trip down memory lane if you don't remember. Gitobu Imanyara came to brighter light, when he was apparently slapped by First Lady, Lucy 'Crackhead' Kibaki in the halls of the State House.

He, being the lawyer that he is, threatened to sue. But instead he settled for a traditional appeasing, which the first family had to buy him a goat. That proves history.

To prove capability, lemme refer you to Paul Muite. He, during the 5th anniversary of the Standard raid, by President Kibaki's henchmen, said a couple of words that painted the first family in a bad light. Apparently, the Standard was raided because they were about to run a story about Vice President Kalonzo Musyoka's visit to Tanzania, to meet President Jakayo Kikwete, but the juicy part is, the meeting was supposed to be secret.

Remember the raid was right before the 2007 elections, and as you may know, the political heavyweights always play their cards close to their chest. So it didn't sit well with the government for the story to be blown in the news.

Anyway, back to the point. Paul Muite, during the anniversary, brought up this issue, which the government thought it had avoided. Suffice to say, the next time we heard about him, he was representing mungiki leader Maina Njenga. Now think about it. Why would a prominent lawyer represent a 'criminal' (i think he's a scapegoat)??

You guessed it. For protection... Against whom, you may ask... The dreaded first family!

As to prove motive, i would beg your indulgence. Gitobu Imanyara and Martha Karua share one thing in common. They are prominent leaders in Central Kenya. We all know about the Mount Kenya Mafia.

Now, consider an allegiance such as Kiraitu Murungi & Uhuru Kenyatta. The common denominator here is that they all serve in government, and play in Kibaki's little chess game. Uhuru is set up to run for president come 2012, and this time, he stands a good chance of winning. But he won't if the Kikuyu vote is split, thanks to Martha Karua not 'towing the line'. The same political strategy that keeps Raila Odinga in power. Kiraitu thinks he could make it to Prime Minister, but he can't because of the competition from Gitobu Imanyara.

We're are going back to the politics that lead to the many deaths of African freedom fighters across the continent. The same politics that keeps dictators in power. Divide and rule, if there's any actual competition in the bunch, kill them off...

Is this what Nelson Mandela spent eternity in jail for? Is this what Patrice Lumumba sacrificed his life for? Only time till tell...

Militant out.